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Friends of mine are getting married tomorrow... well today as I'm writing this. I wish them lots of happiness and wellbeing. They are good people who have been dating for something like 8 years now? About that amount of time I think. I'm sure I'll have pictures. I'll be wearing a suit too, which is different for me than my usual semi formal shirt, tie, and pants. I guess this means I'm growing up? Bah, I refuse to accept that :P

It should be a good time.
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What's your +heal?

New forum I found out about through this paladin blog I read.

It's pretty new, as in created like Friday last week. I'm interested to get other healer opinions about certain content, and am glad to at last have a good  place to find it. Give it a look if you're interested.
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This day in history

The New Yardbirds became Led Zeppelin and this was also the last day of their last tour ever in 1980.
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Gear check


Got this from one of the WoW blogs I read: "You know you’ve been playing WoW too long when you’re thinking about what to cook for dinner and you decide on a recipe, and then think 'Oh wait, do I have the mats for that?'"

Spinebreaker got the alchemy lab today on the Isle... new JC designs ahoy! I only bought the healing ones because I don't really have a use for any of the other ones right now and they are ~43g per design. Hopefully the 15 BoJ epic gems will go down in price on the AH so I can get some higher end cuts to socket my gear with. Though some of the rep reward design cuts you can't beat, but those are all unique-equipped so you can only have 1 on you for that gear set you're wearing at the time. For hybrids, such as myself, though I have 2 unique-equipped of the same cut in my gear, same type of gear too, just one is my crit chest piece, one is my mp5 chest. After spending 30 BoJ though I am the happy owner of a [Figurine - Seaspray Albatross]. This will be one of my boss trinkets from now on, and if I ever get the [Vial of the Sunwell] I'll be very happy with my boss heal gear. This assumes that people actually want to run the instance with me, because all of our tanks have their trinket from Heroic Magisters' Terrace and it's not like I help keep them alive or anything when they are getting beat on by the 50 foot walking machine.

Now all that's left for me to do is get 85 more BoJ so I can buy the healing mace reward and I should be set for a while, aside from slight upgrades like T5 gear.
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I heard that

I can hear again! Huzzah! Went to the doctor this morning because I couldn't hear out of my ear for about 2 days now... I thought it was an infection because it kinda hurt, but apparently it was just ear wax... "easy fix" he said. He got a mini bucket thing which I held below my ear, and a spray bottle with a small catheter tube filled with warm water, stuck it in my ear, shot the warm water inside for a bit, got the tweezers and pulled out a little smaller than a marble-sized ball of wax... pretty gross actually but there's no pressure in my ear and I can hear perfectly once again.

In other news I have the day off today and we're going to Karazhan tonight, hopefully a quick full clear since we've got enough people geared now I think and The Eye on Saturday night :)

I think I need to buy some groceries, things are looking a little light on the food around here...
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Radio silence

So apparently it's been July since I last wrote in this thing and probably that long since I looked at it. New themes, fun. I don't know... what do you want from me? My life is not that interesting... at least not to me. I am excited about the Iron Man movie coming out next week... I'm such a dork.

Work gets these new drinks in every so often... I think it's some kind of promotion, but we never keep anything we just get it, sell it and don't continue to get it unless they're doing another promotion thing or whatever. Anyway, it's chocolate milk, but it's not any chocolate milk, it's called Chocolate Moose. I got the cookies & cream "flavor" because that's all we had left that looked appealing. It tastes like any other chocolate milk... nothing special, no Oreo kind of flavor... hence the quotes around flavor. It was 99 cents though, which I thought was reasonable.

Just got the most random IM from someone I don't even know... name was FrightenedSalmon... asked me "How bout them Iranians?" I asked who they were and they asked me the same thing back... I told them to go first because they initiated contact and conversation... then they said "bye" and seemingly ran off to bother some other person who happened to be awake at 2 AM... weird. So they're blocked... *shakes head*

I think I'm going to try and write in here more often even if it's just more nonsense like everything I just wrote.

Night kiddies!
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